Hello! My name is Aleksa and I am a data analyst based in Berlin.

Besides crunching numbers my interests lie in data science, web-development, block-chain and crypto technologies.

Crypto currencies are probably the biggest financial inovation in recent years and despite the strong price volatility, I am quite enthusiastic about the future of this new technology. To further improve crypto trading and provide more market stability, crypto enthusiast need to have at their disposal complete price histories and also available in a format convenient for investment analysis. Due to extremely fast and strong price fluctuations, success in crypto investing is aditionally dependent on accurate information about the real-time price. This means that investors need to be able to receive live notifications when the crypto price starts aligning with their market timing strategy.

Having this in mind, I decided to make [a]analytics as a hobby project with an intention to help the crypto enthusiasts make more informed trading decisions and place time-accurate trading orders when engaging the crypto market. This website is also my developer playground, where I can practice my programming skills.

I hopy you will find the page useful and please leave suggestions and ideas how to improve it.

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